Our wedding DJs in Italy have a lot of experience performing for couples from all over the world. We at WeddingMusicBandItaly only deal with the very best wedding DJ services. Please keep in mind that most Italian wedding bands at WeddingMusicBandItaly will also offer DJ services, so feel free to ask them for info!

What kinds of styles perform our wedding DJs in Italy?
The DJs on WeddingMusicBandItaly are more than willing to play any genre of music and customize their sets to suit your preferences. Pop, rock, electro-swing, hip-hop, house, soul, garage, party classics, techno, and R&B are popular genres for weddings in Italy.

Our DJs are frequently hired with saxophonists. In recent years, the Ibiza-style sax and DJ pairing has grown in popularity, and WeddingMusicBandItaly can supply both players for your event.

For weddings in Italy and other events, WeddingMusicBandItaly offers conventional DJs as well as silent disco equipment. The popularity of silent discos is rising, especially for events held in urban areas or in places where there are sound level restrictions. They are ideal for extending the party into the early hours without bothering the neighbors.

Wedding DJs for hire in Italy

Our selection of wedding bands, DJs, and musicians based in italy

Our bands, DJs, string quartets, and violinists are all based in Italy and are available to work anywhere from Venezia in the north to Sicily in the south. WeddingMusicBandItaly is free to use. Beware of those platforms that call themselves “free” but actually charge the wedding DJs a high fee for every booking they get: the DJs will charge the couples more in order to cover the fee cost! Here on WeddingMusicBandItaly the DJs won’t charge you any hidden fees. We suggest you compare quotes!

You may contact our DJs directly through their profiles, see their videos, read client reviews on WeddingMusicBandItaly and view images from recent events.

WeddingMusicBandItaly is free for event planners. View our list of Italian wedding DJs ➡️

Questions and Answers (FAQs) about booking a wedding DJ in Italy

How much will it cost me to hire a DJ for my Italian wedding?
Wedding DJs in Italy charge 500 EUR on average. This cost can include accommodation, travel and equipment (ask the DJ).

The cost can usually be reduced if you can offer the DJ accommodation at your wedding venue.

Where can the DJs perform in italy?
You can hire our DJs to perform all over Italy. They frequently perform at weddings in Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Tuscany, Puglia, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Sorrento, and Venice.

If you’re looking for the top wedding DJs Italy has to offer and want to receive quotes, get in touch via the “Get Free Quote” button on their profile.

Additionally, Italy has a wide variety of incredible musicians who are ideal for your wedding if you’re looking for an act that offers both DJ & sax.

Wedding DJs for hire in Italy

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about hiring a live DJ & sax group for your wedding in Italy

Where did the DJ and live sax trend start?
Hedkandi, a UK record label, was the first to have a DJ performing alongside with a saxophonist and a drummer. Their residencies in Ibiza, where they fused a special blend of chill-out and dance music over Balearic sounds, were very popular. From Ibiza, the excitement expanded to Europe, the Middle East, and South America. It’s now used as inspiration for parties, weddings, and clubs around the globe, with hosts choosing to bring in other musicians to perform sets with their DJ.

What are the most popular choices for DJ Sax ensembles?
The saxophonist and DJ make up the most typical lineup. A singer or guitarist, an electric violin, and percussion – particularly bongos, congas, and other types of drums – are common additions. To add more visual impact, some artists employ LED drums and bongos or a light-up sax.

How does the performance work for a DJ & Sax group?
At an event, DJs typically play music for 4 to 5 hours. The live musicians will perform in brief bursts during that period, often for 15 to 30 minutes per set. Typically, a wireless mic is used to amplify the sax, allowing the musician to move around among the attendees. The traditional barrier between the DJ and the audience is bridged by this connection. The DJ sax performers play a variety of music, including disco, R&B, hip hop, house, dance, and classics from the 1970s and 1980s.

What kinds of events does a DJ & Sax group perform at?
For Italy weddings, our DJ, saxophonist, and percussionists are usually hired as part of an entertainment package, usually with live bands.

Wedding DJs for hire in Italy

What are the prices of DJ & Sax groups?
Depending on how many musicians you choose to add to the group, prices typically start at around EUR 600/1000 and go up from there. The price of hiring the musicians is also influenced by variables like wedding venue distance and performance duration. Some of the most popular acts may charge a little bit more because they are so in demand; these performers will be at the pinnacle of their craft and have a lot of expertise.

Can DJ & Sax play a chillout set throughout the Wedding reception?
Yes, and most acts will charge less for this if you hire them for the evening party set. This typically features chillout, lo-fi house, retro and contemporary pop cover songs, soul, and even a little jazz. This is ideal for the cocktail hour at the wedding reception.

Can I choose the tracks for a Sax and DJ duo’s sets?
Yes, you should absolutely let them know if you have any favorite music as well as those that you firmly do not want to hear! However, bands like DJ & Sax are professionals at “working” a crowd and pressing the appropriate buttons when necessary, so it’s typically best to give them complete control over the majority of the music selections. Additionally, musicians will feel more at ease performing their tried-and-tested repertoire.

What Is So Special About the DJ and Saxophone Combination?
The saxophone is the perfect addition to the majority of musical genres played by our DJs, including Motown, funk, soul, jazz, disco, and classic and modern house.

A saxophonist and a DJ performing together generate a ton of energy that gets your guests on the dance floor and recall the positive energy of an Ibiza party.

All of our DJs and sax players are consummate professionals with years of performance experience in weddings in Italy.

To provide you with the greatest experience possible, our DJs are equipped with the best sound and lighting technology.

All of our saxophonists have degrees from prestigious music schools in Italy. Alongside our DJs, they are able to improvise and freestyle while transitioning between genres with ease.

Saxophonists typically play two or three sets, each lasting about 45 minutes. If necessary, our DJs may do more than three sets, keeping the party going till the wee hours!

Wedding DJs for hire in Italy

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