Question: How does Wedding Music Band Italy work?
Answer: It’s simple:
1. Browse our band profiles and choose the ones you like best.
2. Receive price quotes through our form. When you get in touch with a band, you’re dealing directly with them.
3. Book your wedding band and enjoy your Big Day!

Q: I heard that in Italy we have to pay something called SIAE if we’re having live music or a DJ at our wedding. What’s SIAE?
A: SIAE is the Italian performing rights organization. A “SIAE permit” needs to be requested by the wedding planner. The procedure can be followed online through their website. At the end of the procedure, the event planner will be asked to send a payment. After that, a form called “programma musicale” will be available for download and printing. On the wedding day, the “programma musicale” will need to be handed to the band leader or DJ who will fill the appropriate fields and give it back to the wedding planner.

Q: Is SIAE included in the musicians’ quote?
A: SIAE is not usually included.

Q: How much is SIAE?
A: Find more information on our article about SIAE license fee for weddings in Italy.

Q: Do you take breaks?
A: Wedding live bands will typically take one 10-minute break per hour, during a reception. The musicians from Wedding Music Band Italy often provide recorded music that can be played during their breaks. Musicians do their best to schedule the breaks at logical points during the reception.

Q: Will the band provide continuous music?
A: Please ask in advance the musicians from Wedding Music Band Italy to provide background music via ipod or similar, and they’ll be happy to personalize their playlist to accommodate your tastes.

Q: When does the band/DJ setup?
A: It depends. A string duo typically takes minutes to set up while a five piece band can take about an hour.

Q: What are your technical requirements?
A. Usually, the musicians from Wedding Music Band Italy just need a covered area (yes, in the Summer too because direct sunlight or moisture can damage their instruments and equipment) and a nearby electric outlet. Please ask the band/entertainer for information.

Q: Can you be set up three hours before ceremony/reception start time?
A: Although in most cases this is not necessary, musicians can usually set up earlier if that is what is desired. As this requires everyone to be on-site earlier in the day than would normally be necessary, a small additional fee may be required. Ask them for details.

Q: How quickly should I hire your wedding band or wedding DJ?
A: The sooner you hire your wedding musicians the better. If you wait too long they might not be available any longer.

Q: Are there extra fees if we hire a wedding band through Wedding Music Band Italy?
A: No. Wedding Music Band Italy is not an agency and does not charge any fees to book musicians or DJs. When you ask musicians or DJ’s for a quote, you deal with them directly.