Couples are increasingly choosing Italy as their wedding destination; Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, Sicily, and Lake Como are among the most popular locations.

Italy is a very popular wedding destination, especially with British and American couples. This is due to the lovely scenery, sweet climate, and superb cuisine, to name just a few things.

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There are so many lovely and distinctive wedding venues to pick from, including private villas in Tuscany, five-star hotels on the Amalfi Coast, and rustic wedding barns in Sicily.

Typically, couples planning destination weddings in Italy seek for bands who perform versions of British and American pop, rock, and independent music (as well as some funk and soul thrown in for good measure). However, more and more bands are being asked to also perform traditional Italian songs, and no one can do it better than the Italians! Italian wedding bands are able to perform British and American pop, rock music perfectly, as well as the traditional Italian songs.

From pop and rock, jazz and swing, to hip hop, garage, soul, and Britpop, Italian wedding bands and Italian wedding singers offer a fair variety of styles, and many of the bands offer something a little unusual to make your wedding truly unforgettable.

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Hiring a Band for Weddings in Italy Guide

On our website you’ll find the best cover bands Italy has to offer for weddings and other private events. When choosing an Italian wedding band, reviews are crucial because it can be challenging to see the bands live (especially when organizing a destination wedding from a distance). We make sure all of our local bands are highly regarded, professional musicians.

Hiring an Italian wedding band is more cost effective because bands that are travelling from outside of Italy will charge a lot more and will also require that a “rider” be provided with instruments, illumination, and other equipment, which will drive the price up. Moreover, musicians from an Italian wedding band know their way around Italy, which makes them more logistically reliable.

So what is the price of hiring a wedding band in Italy?

In Italy, hiring a wedding band typically costs around €1,300. This is for a four-piece band; the price will vary for larger ensembles based on the amount of musicians and singers.

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If you’re looking to hire a fun, reliable and charismatic band for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place.

WeddingMusicBandItaly is free to use, just browse our Italian wedding bands and ask for free quotes, no hidden fees!

You may contact them directly through their profiles, see their videos, read client reviews on WeddingMusicBandItaly.

Hiring a Band for Weddings in Italy Guide

Questions and Answers (FAQs) about booking a wedding band in Italy

When should I book a wedding band in Italy?

You should try to get your band booked as soon as you can. Our top wedding bands are often booked two years in advance. Your wedding should be planned at least a year in advance if it falls on a Saturday in May, June, July, August, or September. Due to the fact that most weddings occur on Saturdays throughout the summer, our bands get the most requests for these days. But because there is an increasing number of weddings occurring on Sundays and during the workweek (particularly on Thursdays and Fridays), it’s important to book your band as soon as possible.

Can I check out live wedding bands before I book them?

Usually it’s not really possible to see the band live. The majority of reputable bands exclusively play at private events like weddings and business gatherings. The bands aren’t usually able to let potential customers watch them perform in these locations. Asking won’t hurt though, because it can be achievable on occasion. Additionally, wedding bands occasionally perform at public events like festivals and concerts in pubs.

What is the average performance time of wedding bands?

At weddings in Italy, the majority of bands perform two live sets of 45 or an hour each. Some bands perform for longer. When the bands give you their quote, they will typically also let you know the length of their sets.

What occurs in between and following the live sets by the wedding band?

The majority of bands offer a “laptop DJ” service. This is not the same as hiring a professional wedding DJ in Italy who can read the crowd and adjust to the mood of the evening. Instead, they will have a playlist that they play through their PA system (often on a platform like Spotify or iTunes). It’s important to clarify this with the band in advance because some wedding bands only provide live music and would rather leave the rest of the night’s entertainment to the couple or a professional DJ.

Hiring a Band for Weddings in Italy Guide

Is it possible for me to pick the music the wedding band plays before and after their live sets?

Yes, you may usually provide the band a list of requests before the wedding, and they will download them to their laptop or other device so they can play them that night. You can also create a playlist and bring your own device to connect to the band’s sound system. Since not all bands are happy with people using their own equipment, you should first check with the band about this.

What music will the wedding bands perform?

The majority of bands have a list of songs they frequently play at weddings. They will use a tried-and-tested playlist for the wedding because they know it keeps people on the dance floor and appeals to wedding guests of all ages. Usually, the band adds and removes songs during the year, so the set list will also change.

Can the wedding band learn our first dance song?

Yes! On your wedding night, most bands will be thrilled to learn your first dance song and perform it live for you. If the music isn’t appropriate for the band’s sound (for instance, if your first dance song is jazz but you’ve booked a rock band), they might recommend using the song’s recorded version, which they will play over their PA system.

Can I provide the band with a set list of music to play during my wedding?

The majority of bands will often learn one song specifically for your wedding that isn’t on their playlist. However, in our experience, bands are rarely able to learn more than this. Some bands will offer to learn two or three new songs. Learning and practicing new songs can take a lot of time for the band, and this is especially true for singers, who must learn all the new lyrics.

Can I let the wedding band know which songs I prefer?

Yes. Most bands will be pleased for you to let them know which songs from their set list you enjoy and definitely want them to perform that night, as well as which ones you despise and don’t want them to play. The band will typically base their set list on their preferences after that.

Hiring a Band for Weddings in Italy Guide

When will the wedding band show up?

The majority of bands will try to arrive at around 5pm and be prepared to perform by 7pm. They will set up their equipment and perform a sound check during this time, which is necessary to ensure that the band’s level is adequate for your venue and that any sound or noise limiters are taken into account.

Is it possible for the wedding band to arrive earlier?

Yes, the majority of bands will be content to perform before 5 o’clock, but you should be prepared to compensate them for the extra time. Many wedding couples are concerned about the band setting up while guests are there. Wedding bands with a lot of expertise setting up should be able to do so quietly, without creating a lot of noise, and with minimal disruption. The sound check, which must be performed, is the noisiest part, but it should only take 15 to 30 minutes.

When will the Italian wedding band be done?

The majority of bands expects to wrap up by midnight. Since a lot of wedding venues in Italy require live music to end by this time, this works well for most weddings.

Can the bridal party stay till midnight?

Yes, typically the band can finish up beyond midnight. However, bands typically charge a little more for this later finish, so this should be discussed in advance with the band.

Can I use the PA system of the wedding band after midnight?

Usually, yes. However, because at least one band member must wait until the end of the event to take down the PA system and go home, this will also result in a somewhat higher price. Finishing at 1am implies they won’t get there until 3am or 4am because some band members can be many hours’ trip from your location.

Will the wedding band have their own instruments with them?

Yes. The equipment that professional wedding bands in Italy bring is their own. They have their own instruments, a mixing desk, a PA system and, usually, some simple dance floor lighting. Consider renting a bigger PA system and more lighting if your wedding is going to be especially large with hundreds of guests. You might want to double-check this before making a booking, your Italian wedding band should be able to help.

Do wedding bands in Italy need a stage?

No. The majority of bands are happy to play without a stage, but it can be impressive if you can provide one for them.

How much area will the wedding band need if I do provide a stage?

Naturally, this would depend on the band’s size, but to give you a general estimate, a 4-piece band would typically require at least 5m x 4m. This is done to make space for the band members as well as their equipment (keyboards and drum sets take up a lot of space), speakers, and a mixing desk, among other things.

Can I or my guests perform or sing with the wedding band?

Most bands will be willing to let you or one of your guests sing or play along with them for one or two songs if you ask them in advance. Always check with your band before making a decision.

Do I also need to hire a DJ as well as a wedding band?

Your entire evening will be covered because most artists offer pre-recorded playlists to listen to in between sets and after their live performances. It is preferable to hire a wedding DJ in Italy in addition if you want a professional who will adjust his music selections as needed and engage with the crowd.

Can the wedding band and DJ share equipment if I do decide to hire a separate DJ?

As having two sets of speakers positioned around the dance floor can look crowded, bands and DJs frequently use the same PA system. To ensure that the equipment meets everyone’s needs and that everyone is willing to share, you should talk about this with the DJ and band before the event. When the band is scheduled to end at 11 p.m. but the DJ is engaged to play music into the small hours, a problem may occur. In this instance, using the DJ’s equipment would make more sense for the band in order to avoid having to wait until the DJ had finished his/her set.

Does the wedding band require anything from me?

Professional wedding bands in Italy usually carry all of their own musical instruments and technical gear. However, the majority will expect to receive a hot meal each and soft drinks per person. Most likely, the musicians left their houses around noon to make it to your venue in plenty of time for setup and soundcheck. They may have had a hard day, so if they’ve had a decent dinner and some drinks before playing for you, they will be much more energized on stage. The musicians won’t expect to receive the same lunch as your guests. The majority of wedding venues in Italy offer a pre-paid option for your vendors, or you can allow the musicians access to your buffet, if you’re having one.

Hiring a Band for Weddings in Italy Guide

Will the band members at the wedding be the same as in their videos?

Not always. The majority of professional bands have a core lineup that performs at most weddings for which they are booked. They will also have a team of substitutes, or “subs,” as they are known in the business, who they routinely call upon to fill in for band members. This is a common and crucial procedure in the music business. Since most musicians are independent contractors, they may, for example, tour with well-known pop groups or play for various event bands. The rest of the band can continue to perform if a substitute musician can fill in for an absent or sick band member.

What do musicians in wedding bands wear?

The band’s online videos should give you an excellent picture of what they dress like. Most people will choose an elegant shirt, but if you have a specific theme in mind or any special requirements, let them know in advance. For instance, if your wedding is in the 80s style, you might want to see if the band might dress accordingly.

Will parking spaces be required for the wedding band?

Since it’s the simplest way for them to transport their equipment and instruments, the majority of bands will come by car. The artists will appreciate having 1 or 2 parking places near to the venue accessible for them to use. In other locations, like Rome or Florence, you might have to pay for parking.

Can wedding bands play outdoors?

Making the most of the summertime and holding as much of your wedding outside as you can is a fantastic idea if you’re getting married in Italy. After all, Italy is the Country of the Sun! Although many bands will be glad to play outside, the weather isn’t always predictable, so they will always need access to a shelter from the elements, whether it be intense sunlight or rain. The value of a musician’s instrument can reach thousands of euros, and even a small amount of sun or water damage can have a catastrophic effect.

Do I need a contract to hire a wedding band?

The safest way to book a band is through a contract. Both parties should be protected under the contract. Our bands are able to provide a standard contract, take your time to read it carefully.

Hiring a Band for Weddings in Italy Guide

Wedding music for destination weddings in Italy

From Tuscany and Lake Como in the north to Rome and Campania in the south, Italy has become such a popular wedding destination.

Since 2010, we’ve helped couples from around the world in finding and booking the best local wedding bands Italy has to offer, as well as pianists, string quartets, wedding harpists, violinists, cellists, singers, DJs, sax players, jazz and swing bands, acoustic duos, and folk bands.

This might be anything from a fantastic pop covers band playing music from the 1950s to today’s top songs to a fantastic jazz band playing American and Italian jazz standards for a relaxed cocktail reception in Italy.

Abruzzo, Aosta Valley, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Marche, Liguria, Lombardy, Molise, Piedmont, Puglia, Sardinia, Sicily, Trentino-Alto Aldige, Tuscany, Umbria, and Veneto are just a few of the regions of Italy where our wedding bands have performed.

They have given performances in all of Italy’s major cities, including Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Catania, Venice, Verona, Messina, Padua, Trieste, Taranto, Brescia, Parma, Prato, Modena, Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Perugia, Ravenna, Livorno, Cagliari, Foggia, Rimini, Salerno and Ferrara.

How much does it cost to hire a destination wedding band in Italy?

In Italy, hiring a wedding band typically costs around €1,300. This is for a four-piece band; the price will vary for larger ensembles based on the amount of musicians and singers.

Larger bands will cost more because there are more musicians and singers in the band (examples include soul, funk, and Motown bands in Italy). Depending on the size of the band, they might cost up to 2,500–3,000 EUR or more.

Travel fees, such as those incurred if a band has to travel from the south of Italy to a location in the north, will also have an impact on how much it will cost to hire a wedding band.

Last but not least, our wedding bands regularly get asked if quotations include the SIAE licence fee, which is necessary for any musical performance at an event in Italy. Since the fee varies depending on factors beyond of their control, our bands and DJs usually do not include the cost of the SIAE licensing in their quotes. Read our article about the SIAE license fee for weddings in Italy.

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