Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to choosing a theme. There are so many great ideas out there that make it difficult to pick the right one that is best for both the bride and groom.

A terrific mutual wedding theme represents something that most of us love and enjoy – music! It brings people together and allows us to get lost in the moment, something most couples would love for their guests to do while celebrating their big day! Take a look at these useful ideas that may come in handy while you’re planning.


Go to a local music store or garage sales to find some old records that you wouldn’t mind using as wedding invites. Once you have the records, use custom labels with your wedding information on it to stick to the center of the record. If you’re finding it difficult to find enough records to send to all your guests, have your friends and family help you in finding some! Since records are quite large, you would need to send them out in large envelopes. If you’re not interested in doing this, try using mini records instead!

Save the Dates

A cool way to inform your guests of your music style wedding is to send out “concert ticket” save the dates! Have it look like a ticket with all the information written on it. Along with your save the date, allow your guests to fill out a “song card.” On the song card they can request any song they’d like to hear played at your wedding. This is much easier than your guests trying to get the DJ’s attention while partying! Plus, it will offer an eclectic mix of songs that your friends and family will love!

Guest Book

When your guests enter your party, have them send their wishes by signing old school vinyl records instead of a book! Purchase some plate stands that you can rest the records on so the front and back can both be signed. As for the markers, use a color such as silver which will flow nicely with any wedding colors. This unique idea will be a great keepsake that you can display in your home, as well as a reminder of an amazing evening!


For a classy feel, dress up old books in a classical music wrapping and stack them in size order in the center of each table. Leave them stacked and tie them together with a thin rope so it looks more like a gift. Place a small mason jar on top of the book stack and fill with flowers or a candle to set a romantic mood. You can also use the stack of books as a place to lean your table numbers on. The numbers can be on a card or written on a small chalkboard. Another impressive centerpiece idea is to create an illuminating paper lantern. Purchase music sheet paper bags (you can find them online if they aren’t at any of your local stores) and use a heart shaped hole punch to create some decorative holes in the bag. Then place a tealight inside and voila! Scatter them all around your party if you’d like. They will light up the space beautifully and will look stunning in photos, as well!


A cool way to incorporate music into your wedding cake is to have a piano shaped cake! It will look so great, you won’t even want to eat it! If you’re interested in something a bit more simple, have a traditional cake and add a record or music note cake topper. Along with the cake, have a vinyl record cupcake stand filled with goodies for your guests who would rather have a smaller sweet treat!


When your guests enter your wedding, you want them to recognize what your theme is right away. Be sure to add small details, they will make a strong statement and will pull everything together nicely! When your guests enter, have a guitar box set up with a banner that says “CARDS” above it. This is a different way to collect your cards and will make it easier later in the night to grab them all at once! On the tables, set up music sheet place mats atop of a white linen. The black and white contrast will set off a chic setting and will represent your theme perfectly. Include the music sheets in other smalls details, such as the bridesmaids and flower girl bouquets. Instead of the standard bouquet, place flowers inside of the rolled music sheet paper! You can even have the groomsmen wear tiny “paper flowers” on their suit jackets, this way it all matches superbly!


Favors are a wonderful way to leave a lasting impression on your guests while reminding them of a special evening. If you want to keep your favors simple, choose an item you desire (candle, candies, matches, key chain) and dress them up with music wrapping paper or a music note ribbon. This is an easy way to incorporate your theme while still sending out an item that may not have a direct connection to music. Another easy idea, decorate the candle or baggie of candies with the music sheet paper you used for your bouquets and place mats. Then personalize each gift with your wedding date and last name for a sweet touch!

Even if you do not use all of these suggestions during the planning process, hopefully you can now get a better idea on how to plan a wedding with music styled details!


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