KISS’s frontman Gene Simmons was not invited to bandmate Paul Stanley’s wedding.

The two have been rocking out together in the rock band for the past 40 years. They have remained close friends throughout all the years, however Simmons was absent from Stanley’s wedding in 2005.

The whole story is explained in Stanley’s memoir Face the Music: A life Exposed, co-written with journalist Tim Mohr. The memoir was released on April 8.

According to The New York Post, Stanley noticed that in interviews, Simmons used the word “I” a lot and accused him of abandoning the band in the early ’80s.

“Gene had been very, very vocal about not only dismissing the idea of marriage, but really have a very disrespectful and demeaning attitude towards people who did,” Stanley said. “So for me, it really came down to you don’t belong at my wedding. It would taint it. It would do something, it would be contradictory, and for me, that would be offensive. He understood. Lo and behold, he got married, too.”

As earlier reported by Yahoo UK & Ireland, even though Simmons did not attend Stanley’s wedding, the two have still remained friends and did not let it get in the way.


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