You want a happy marriage? You better work, b*tch.

That was the message Bradley Bredeweg delivered to his best friend, bride Stephanie Huntington, in one of the best wedding speeches we’ve ever seen.

Bredeweg started by acknowledging the one constant that’s been there throughout the pair’s friendship: a deep, shared love of the music of Britney Spears.

Soon, the opening bars of Britney’s 2013 hit Work B*tch rang out, with a cast of hot back-up dancers joining Bredeweg on the floor for an elaborately choreographed routine.

We’d say it’s rude to pull focus from the bride on her special day — but Stephanie seems to be having a great time. We hope she broke away from her new hubby long enough to bust out a few more Britney tunes with her bestie later in the reception.

Keep on dancing ‘til the world ends, guys.

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