So much has changed in the life of singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles after she split from her band, broke up with her boyfriend and moved out of Los Angeles all in the same year.

But now, the “Love Song” is officially back and her latest music video for “Choose You” has been released.

Prior to the shooting of her music video, Bareilles invited her fans on March 11 to share their #ChooseYou story, Yahoo reported.Back then, she wrote, “I’m looking for someone planning a proposal to a Sara Bareilles me! fan. If you or someone you know is planning a fantastic proposal, I want to help! The more elaborate and creative the better.

“Little did the contestants know, Bareilles was actually on the lookout for two proposals that she can feature in her newest song’s official music video.

“Choose You” is the second song from her album “The Blessed Unrest.”After all the entries have been scanned, Bareilles and her team chose two couples, Matt and Chelsea in Los Angeles and Aly and Andrea in Denver.

In her music video, Bareilles is featured singing the song in front of a gray backdrop while clips of the couple and the proposal planning process are shown.Then as the song changes temp to its bridge, the first couple are shown walking their significant other into the proposal venue.

Matt chose a secluded setting where it’s only him and Chelsea, while Aly chose a backyard where family and friends surround him and Andrea.

The women are blindfolded and as the song reaches the “I choose you” part of the lyrics, both men drop down to their knees and ask for their partners’ hands in marriage.Meanwhile, Bareilles revealed the arrival of her newest music video on Monday and wrote, “So excited to reveal the I Choose You video! Real engagements, real people. I’m so grateful.”


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