I have played the organ for lots of weddings over many years and felt that with the Huff’s new Wedding feature, it is time to lift the lid on the world of the wedding organist.

To begin with, the organ is an unfashionable instrument for the young as almost all are in churches.

And as Tony Blair’s PR Guy once declared, “we don’t do God,” the same is true of many would-be organists, which is why our numbers are so low. There is a sense, also, when I declare that I play the organ that I have confessed to something quaint and vaguely eccentric, like being a keen Morris dancer or a maker of intricate models of famous places using matches.

People need to realize, though, that when you play, for the instance, Widor’s Toccata (a famous wedding classic) on the organ, this is pure rock and roll for the organist. It is the equivalent of sitting in a Lamborghini Gallardo on the open road, pressing down the gas and feeling the G-force push you back into your seat, except without the motion sickness.

via huffingtonpost.com.

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