Eve admits it’s been a challenge to stay present as her wedding date approaches.

The 35-year-old Grammy-winning rapper is currently engaged to British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper.

The couple will tie the knot before the close of June and Eve confesses she is eager to get the ceremony over with.

“I feel like it”s right now,” she told E! Online. “I feel like I”m walking down the aisle right now.”

Maximillion is father to four children from a previous relationship and Eve is elated at becoming the rambunctious tykes’ stepmother.

“I have four kids now-that”s nuts!” she gushed. “But I have to say they are the coolest, sweetest kids. I got really lucky. They”re really independent and just very cool. It”s really fun hanging with them.”

Eve is excited about expanding her family with Maximillion.

But the musician is unsure whether she wants to have more than a couple children in the future.

“It”s whatever God wants to give me, but I think with the four, two more is just enough,’ she explained.

Eve reveals her and Maximillion’s wedding isn’t intimate but she said ‘it’s not huge’ either.

She previously disclosed the ceremony will take place after this year’s Gumball 3000, an international car rally founded by her future husband.

Eve and Maximillion first began dating in 2010 and they became engaged last Christmas.

The star is currently promoting her new horror movie Animal, which was produced by Drew Barrymore. The film will reach US theatres on June 17.

via music-news.com.

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